Terragrunt - Initial Setup

Published: July 26, 2023 Last Updated: Author: Saad Ali

WARNING! Following this article, improvise if necessary. Your environment may be different than mine. I am not responsible if you screw up!

We'll be using tfenv and tgenv to setup Terraform and Terragrunt. I am doing this on Linux, particularly Debian.

The need to switch between different versions of Terraform and Terragrunt often arises when working in a team or on various projects. Using the default installation can become cumbersome and may cause compatibility issues. This is where tfenv and tgenv come in.

These tools help you install and switch between different versions, seamlessly.

Install Utilities

Clone the tfenv repository from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/tfutils/tfenv.git ~/.local/tfenv

Clone the tgenv repository from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/cunymatthieu/tgenv.git ~/.local/tgenv

Update PATH to add both utilities:

cat >> ~/.bashrc <<'EOF'

for dir in "${private_bin_dirs[@]}"; do
  if [ -d "$dir" ] ; then
    export PATH="$dir:$PATH"
source ~/.bashrc

Install Terraform and Terragrunt

To install a specific version of Terraform and Terragrunt, simply run the following commands:

tfenv install <version>
tgenv install <version>

Or install the latest version:

tfenv install latest
tgenv install latest

Once you have multiple versions of Terraform and Terragrunt installed, you can switch between them by running the following commands:

tfenv use <version>
tgenv use <version>

Keep in mind that in order to use Terragrunt with Terraform, you need to ensure that the versions you use are compatible. Terragrunt has a version compatibility table on their site.


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