Asterisk Daily Call Reports with AsteriskCDReporter

Published: June 24, 2014 Last Updated: Author: Saad Ali

This post is a bit late.

I did something I did never-ever want to do, setting up a SIP box (Using FreePBX GUI, I have no idea of the voice administration domain) to be used for providing SIP extensions throughout the office beucase the previous hardware exchange burnt in many accidents many times (That is the official story they told me and my team).

After setting up the box and ironing out a few issues, my boss asked me to look into the possibility of providing a report of calls made to/from PSTN. Since, Asterisk (setup with FreePBX) logs all calls to the CDR database. I decided to write a small bash script.

Writing a bash script at the time wasn't interesting. I was learning Python on the side so I decided to give it a try and as a result, I wrote a Python script named

I have posted the script on Github.


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